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1: Briefly give me a description and background of the business you do in West Nile.

Arua SEZ Ltd was incorporated to develop and operate a Free Zone in Arua Municipality-West Nile region of Uganda. It will provide dedicated infrastructure to attract Greenfield Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] and Domestic Direct Investment to job creating export oriented enterprises that will operate in the Free Zone.

Arua SEZ Ltd seeks to establish a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Arua, Uganda with the aim of accelerating growth of small exporting enterprises (not start-ups), through provision of appropriate infrastructure and business support services(market linkage, supply chain and customs facilitation). Arua SEZ will provide custom built facilities such as; warehouses, agro processing zone with a focus on fish processing, office block (canteen, trade service providers and virtual offices to provide administrative services to the operators in the Zone) and industrial real estate units.

2: Why West Nile? What is the magnet for you?

Its proximity to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, both major export destinations for goods originating from Uganda. They are also sources of unique base metals and timber that are highly sought after in the international market, thus presenting an opportunity for bi-directional flow of Trade to and from these countries. In an organized manner that is sensitive to the environment and the need to stop illicit trade.

3: What has business been like so far?

It has had its challenges like every other business, mainly the road infrastructure to the site being an issue. But the government has been very supportive by starting to work on the roads and being really involved in ensuring that the project has investment opportunities through organizing events like the symposium that we are part of.

4: What are some of the enabling business conditions in West Nile?

- Its a regional trade and investment hub.
- Abundant natural resources.
- Skilled and productive work force.
- Good existing infrastructure like the road network and airstrip.

5: Any hurdles? What do you think can be done to improve the current business environment?

- Arua Airfield has to be upgraded to an international Airport.
- There has to be a ferry to the Rhino camp to shorten the route from the Northern Uganda to Kampala.
- West Nile has to be part of the new ICT infrastructure.
- The Government has to continue working on the Nyangak Hydro Power Station to ensure sustainable power supply for domestic and industrial use in the district.

6: What are the potential areas for investment in West Nile today?

Tourism investment by construction of high end Hotels, guest houses and residential houses, Upgrading the cottage fish processing industry, agribusiness services provision etc.

7: Lastly, what advice would you give to an investor looking to put their money in West Nile? How can they prepare themselves for the venture?

I would advise them to do a lot of market research for whatever business they aspire to put their money in as people are very naive and unaware of the level of trade/commerce and business that's already existent there.